We know which SCS you need.
And we know how to build it.

What do company executives know about SCS? Almost nothing. And this is understandable why – it, SCS, is not visible, it is hidden from our sight.

Do most owners know how their SCS is built and how it works? Not.

It’s not that important. Most of us do not know how a mobile phone or TV works, and nothing, we use them successfully. Not a very good choice is easily corrected – if you don’t like it, then we get rid of the “loser” and instead buy another device.

With SCS, this approach to its replacement is not like. SCS in the building is closer to the foundation of the building than to the wallpaper. Wallpaper can be re-glued and every few years, this is usually done. But the foundation of the building cannot be easily replaced – it is easier to build a new building than to replace the foundation in an existing one.

You have only one attempt to build your SCS. In the IT infrastructure, much can be quietly and easily replaced, but this will not work with SCS, it is physically impossible to change it so simply.

Computers can be replaced, switches can be replaced, servers can be replaced, uninterruptible power supplies can be replaced – but this will not work with SCS.

You can change the cameras, you can change the access control system, you can change the information screens – but this will not work with SCS.

You will have to live with the SCS that you built.

It will be easier for you to move to a new office than to replace the SCS that you have built for your existing office. It will be easier for you to move to a new building than to replace the SCS that you have built for your building.

Yet. SCS cannot be bought as a mobile phone or a car. SCS needs to be ordered to be made especially for you. To fit you like a well-tailored suit. And such a suit that if its owner gains a couple of tens of kilograms, it should still fit perfectly. And it has to change along with the owner of the costume and his needs. It is difficult to imagine such a suit, but the “correct” SCS will cope with it.

Your building in twenty years will live a different life, there will be other “tenants” and with other computer equipment, but the SCS built twenty years ago should satisfy them.

Mobile operators will no longer work on 3G, but on 5G or even 7G. And your SCS must ensure the operation of mobile communication inside the building.

The era of Internet of Things begins, inside your building there will soon be tens of thousands of such “gizmos” and your SCS must ensure their free interaction with each other and with the outside world.

Before our eyes, the number of devices that do not need to be plugged into an electrical outlet is increasing – a patch cord and an RJ-45 port are enough for their operation. Soon the usual electrical outlets will disappear, the devices will “want” to receive power from the SCS outlet via PoE. And your SCS should be able to provide it.

In the coming years, the lighting will also change – it will also be connected to the SCS, and will receive power through the SCS via PoE.

The world is changing faster now than before.
In ten years you will be living in a different world.

Your SCS should be able to meet your future IT needs for twenty to thirty years.

And “SCS” knows how the world will change in the foreseeable future and will help you build the SCS that you need now and will meet your needs in the future.


We have received certificates of authorization from manufacturers of structured cabling systems:    Systimax (Commscope),  Netconnect (Commscope ),  TE Connectivity, Tyco Electronics, AMP, Legrand,  Siemon, Molex, Corning, Huber+Suhner, Panduit, RIT, R&M, ITT Cannon, EasyLan, Digitus, Premium Line, Ok-net, IvyNET.