9 January 2024

“Without compromise” – Structured Cabling Systems Training from Excel Networking

To confirm the “Excel Cabling Partner” status of a company, the installer must have two employees with personal certifications from Excel Networking.

To obtain a personal certificate, one must attend the “Excel Cabling Partner Training Course” and successfully pass tests for each section of the course.

The “Excel Cabling Partner Training Course” covers all necessary aspects of designing, installing, and testing structured cabling systems based on Excel Networking products

Key sections of the course include

  • Introduction
  • Standards
  • Fundamentals of structured cabling systems
  • Types of cables and connectors
  • Components of copper solutions
  • Components of optical solutions
  • Cabinets and racks
  • PoE
  • Classification of structured cabling systems
  • Design of structured cabling systems
  • Cable pathway design
  • Design of switching nodes
  • Installation of structured cabling systems
  • Copper testing
  • Optical testing
  • Issuance of a 25-year warranty

The course from Excel Networking is conducted in English. The course is recognized (accredited) by the BICSI organization as meeting its requirements for content and organization of the educational process. The approximate duration of the course is 48 hours.

Upon completion of the course, students should be able to:

  • Understand the main requirements of industry standards
  • Know the fundamental principles of building structured cabling systems
  • Design Excel cabling systems according to industry standards
  • Select Excel cabling system components according to project requirements
  • Install Excel cabling systems following Excel’s instructions
  • Test Excel cabling systems
  • Apply for a 25-year warranty from Excel.

The “Excel Cabling Partner Training Course” is an excellent choice for professionals looking to acquire sought-after knowledge and skills in the field of structured cabling systems.

Eleven of our employees successfully completed the “Excel Cabling Partner Training Course” and received personal certifications from Excel Networking.
Considering that they all had multiple certifications from other structured cabling system manufacturers, they were well-prepared to absorb and understand the course material.

A fresh perspective on the subject and a new teaching methodology undoubtedly enriched their knowledge, providing Excel Networking, the cabling system manufacturer, with experienced and qualified reinforcements.